For our video studio wanted cheap LED moving heads. On AliExpress, we found the SHEHDS brand. They have a moving head with 19x15W RGBW LEDs. The lyres cost about €150 apiece. I am based in Belgium, so I was happy to see that they have a warehouse in Spain. This means fast shipping and no import taxes (because it’s shipped within the European Union — when we order something from China, for example, we need to pay import duties). Below is the product video for the moving head.

SHEHDS 19x15W RGBWA moving head.


  • 19x 15W RGBW LEDs
  • 16/24 DMX channels (the difference is the…

When you are using the Blackmagic Design ATEM mini pro ISO or other ATEM switchers, it can be a nice addition to include a Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Studio Mini.

The HyperDeck is more than just a media player. It can record and playback video. One nice feature is that when connected to an ATEM switcher, if the HyperDeck output is live (on program), it will immediately start playing the loaded video clip.

Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Studio Mini

This feature is interesting! …

Recently I bought three Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera’s 6K and a Blackmagic Design ATEM mini pro ISO. I really like the feature to control the pocket cinema camera’s over HDMI.

Using Blackmagic Design ATEM Software Control, the pockets ISO, shutter speed and white balance can be changed. In addition, basic real-time colour correction is possible and even some lens control on digital lenses. Lastly a tally light is present on the camera that colours green or red, depending on preview or program mode.

Blackmagic doesn’t state which protocol is used to carry the control signals to the camera’s, but…

Quasar Science Q-LED Lamps are really nice practical lighting fixtures. Popular YouTubers like MKBHD and Dave2D use them to spice up their studio background. The RGB tubes are also frequently used in music videos.

Some of my clients would like to have such practicals in their video, but find the rent price of these lights way too high. To answer their demands, my search for a cheap Quasar Science alternative began.

Screenshot of this video:

When you Google “Quasar Science”, some alternatives may be suggested like the Ledgo RGB tube, which costs €349,00. Another alternative is the Nanguang 4' Pavolite tubes, but they also…

Recently I updated my editing room with active studio speakers. I installed two JBL 308P MKii monitors. They sound amazing playing music but make crackling noises in Davinci Resolve.

When scrubbing through the timeline our while rendering, a hard static noise can be heard from the speakers. During rendering this isn’t so much a problem, but when editing, this is really unusable.

If you google the problem, some people suggest a broken graphics card or a worn-out power supply. Other discussions talk about a ground loop that creates these unwanted noises. …

MySQL is one of the most frequently used database engine used in online applications. When a programmer starts using SQL and uses just small tables, performance is not the priority. When used in real-life applications, databases start to grow fast. With a database consisting of millions of records and being hammered with multiple simultaneous connections, performance optimization becomes important. In this article, I’ll present some basic and more advanced techniques that I tried to optimize an event database.

I’ve written this article relying on my experience developed when developing the online party search engine Party Locator. This platform was powered…

Van kinds af aan wilde ik altijd al een Volkswagen Kever hebben. Waarschijnlijk komt het door de Disney films van Herbie, de Kever nummer 53 met een persoonlijkheid, of de Duitse film DuDu. Wie zal het zeggen.

Eén ding is altijd zeker geweest; ik moest en zou ooit een Volkswagen Kever bezitten. Toen ik midden 2016 voor mezelf een verjaardagscadeau kocht, mijn eerste wagen, heb ik dan ook gekozen voor mijn droomauto: een VW Kever.

Een dikke twee jaar heb ik gezocht naar het ideaal autootje. Al van voor ik een rijbewijs zat ik rond te kijken op diverse tweedehands…

This article is about the Blackmagic URSA 4K EF camera. Specifically about the V1 version (the original big one). The URSA is a great camera and is relatively affordable but is accessories are not. The motivation to write this article is that there isn’t a lot of info available about this particular model. Most web pages are about the Blackmagic URSA mini and its variants. The sections below give a summary of my findings of the camera and the solutions I came up with. I hope it can help some proud owners of the URSA.

Let’s first state that I’m…

Tim Vervoort

Master Computer Science and video producer based in Hasselt, Belgium.

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